Room to Bloom -  Child Care
My In-Home Daycare offers you and your child a safe, happy, and fun-filled place that is ran by an experienced child care provider. At Room to Bloom our day will include: alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes,  music, and plenty of physical activities! My goal is to provide opportunities for the children to grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. I want them to feel good about themselves, make lasting friends and have a great time! Healthy Meals and snacks are provided.  Contact me via phone or email to request a visit; I'd love to meet you! I hope that you will find Room to Bloom Child Care suitable for your needs.
I currently use the award winning preschool curriculum, Mother Goose Time. Mother Goose Time is a professionally developed preschool curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports  supports the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in young children. We follow the Experience Early Learning research-based set of 36 standards which connects to seven domains of learning, including second language acquisition. Mother Goose Time Curriculum intentionally integrates these skills into the lesson plans, learning tools and the objectives of discovery-based activities.
My rates are very reasonable. I will also work with you on a payment plan that is convenient for you. Meals/Snacks are included in rates. Rates are based on enrollment, not attendance. KCAO is welcome. Please contact me so I can provide you with my rates.
I am open Monday - Friday and will try my best to work with your schedule.

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